CM400C For Sale

***as of 2009, ONLY bikes ready for sale are those listed with prices!***

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I live near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Located off of I-94, just 1 hour east of the Twin Cities (Minnesota). Click HERE for a map showing a 3hr vicinity of my location.

1981 CM400 Custom : $995

Here are the details about this bike... the odometer says 13,990 miles, and from the looks of the bike I believe it to be correct. I just gave it a complete tune-up and oil change. I will include a brand new battery, and have JUST installed a new rear Dunlop tire (not shown in picture). The front is still safe and useable, but you may wish to replace it after this year's riding season is up. The tank as you can see is in need of some cosmetic work and will need to be cleaned out on the inside, and the bike is missing it's left sidecover. The buyer of this bike might be better off finding a set of bodywork/tank on ebay in better condition. The seat will need a recovering, but is useable as-is. This bike rides out perfectly and the CM400's are known to get HIGH mpg, well above 60 (some have seen close to 80). The vetter fairing is in good condition, but the shield has a chunk missing---you can either buy a replacement on ebay or elsewhere online, or you can buy a sheet of plexiglass and use the old one as a template to make your own. Or, you can cut this one down to where the chunk missing isn't obvious... your call. The front forks are air-adjustable, which helps offset the extra weight of the fairing up front. Here are all the pictures I took of it.
I don't have to time to crate this, but I will do my best to accomodate your needs/requests. I can help store this but request it be picked up within 1 month. Email with questions or requests for specific close-up pictures.

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