The Moto-Doctor, an autobiography

My name is Scott, and I live near Elk Mound, Wisconsin. I have been around two wheels most of my life, but since 1991 I've been knee deep in motorcycles. Over the past two decades, I have done extensive work to brands like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, as well as exposure to Benelli, Chibi/Tanaka and Bridgestone. Some of those years included time spent at a local Honda/Suzuki dealership to further broaden my exposure and experience. I specialize in restoration/refurbishment of older bikes that deserve to be back on the road. I've done mild repairs/refurbishments all the way up to frame-up restorations. I also work on ATV's and snowmobiles, with an occasional task of an outboard motor or lawn mower or garden tractor. If it's got a piston and burns fuel, I can tackle it. I've run across a few tough problems, but haven't ever been stumped with a problem. I also have an inventory of bikes to be restored. Those are listed for sale as they are finished. Check my BIKES FOR SALE link to see what's currently available.

My shop rate is $45/hr in 1/2hr increments. Delivery charges are $.55/mile, each direction, each trip. Because I'm so confident in the work I perform, I'm willing to double the going shop warranty to a full 60 days!!! Parts warranty is of the manufacturer's terms where applicable. Used parts usually carry NO warranty. Warranty applies only to work performed, and not covered where a failure NOT from a previous repair caused a problem. Delivery charges may not always be covered under shop warranty, that will be on a case-by-case basis only.

Contact me directly with your questions or needs and I'll be happy to help you out. Thank you, Scott B., M.D. (Moto-Doctor) Contact me at