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Greetings, my name is, well, we'll say Scott B. 

I live in the upper midwest, about an hour east of the Twin Cities. 

My favorite interests are motorcycles, cars, model trains, radio-controlled whatever and music, whether I make it or just listen to it.

I've been riding two wheels for as long as I can remember, both pedal and motorized. Click here to see my anthology of cycles stretching as far back as my first cycle.  Otherwise, click here to see my complete Ascot VT500 web site.

I've kind of been out of the scene as far as model trains are concerned.  Click here to access a page covering model trains.

Cars, automobiles, if it is rare or a classic, heck, I love 'em!  My father once had a '70 Dodge Challenger when I was an infant to about 8 yrs old.  It was brilliant metallic blue with a black vinyl top.  318, auto, AM, no big frills but I fell in love with it from the get go.  It was a sad day when I rode with him to the salvage yard and he dumped it off for only $50!!!  Hell, I had that much in my savings!  I begged him to keep it in the back yard, that way I'd have it when I get my license in years to come.  Nope.  Oh well, I still want one someday, slant six or whatever--I just want one!!!  Click
here to view my automobile page.
I love radio-controlled, buggies, monster trucks, motorcycles (yes, motorcycles), planes, tanks, just about anything that can be controlled via radio transmitter.  My greatest love is Racing Trucks, i.e. RC-T2 or T3, Losi XXT, LXT. I currently own a HPi RS4 MT with the Ford F-150 body.  Click here to visit my R/C page.

I also love music.  Just about any kind (except for country--SORRY!), classical, jazz, new age, rock, heavy metal, hard rock, pop (sometimes--80's mostly).  I've also performed music in the past. Since 1999, I've been in two rock variety bands. The current band I'm in, we play more up-to-date rock.  If you haven't had enough of my personal interests, check it out.  Click here to check out my musical interests.

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