FOR SALE: 1967 WheelHorse 857 garden tractor w/attachments, REDUCED!!! $550 OBO!

1967 Wheelhorse 857 Garden Tractor w/Attachments

You are looking at a very whole, fully operational and very restorable vintage garden tractor. I have owned this for the past 5 years and LOVED IT IMMENSELY!!! I can't say enough about this tractor, but I'll attempt to bring you up to speed in the next few paragraphs.

8hp Kohler 181S engine,
runs top notch, no oil consumption, oil changed frequently with ONLY SAE30 oil!
3 speed transmission
--all gears shift and work well, no flaws to the Uni-Drive rear end
30" rear discharge mower deck
--works as it should
30" snowblower, single stage
--actually from a Massey Furgeson, but was craftily retrofitted and works GREAT!
36" [homemade] rear grade blade
--I used this for ALL of the landscaping and driveway work, works GREAT!
original starter/generator
--works just as it should, just needs a new, correct sized belt
tire chains w/cleats
(not pictured, as they are hung inside my shed to keep them rust-free and untangled--good shape

The tractor's engine appears to be as original as the day it was born, and oddly, everything works perfectly. I haven't even had to tinker with the carb adjustments in the 5 years I've owned it. This engine doesn't burn any oil, and even it's exhaust is clean. I doubt if it's sat for more than a month at it's longest stindt, because there's always been a use for it somewhere on my property. The original throttle knob is broken and needs to have the throttle cable replace. However, it does still work. The headlights work properly. I do have a brand new drive belt, just haven't put it on (the old one slips a bit but works), the front tires are only 1 year old (w/ new tubes), as the 1967 Sears brand original tires' sidewalls disintegrated. The rears are still original but other than some checking on the sidewalls, the tubes hold their air and the tires haven't come apart yet, so they are still being used. The seat pan is in great shape, it just needs new foam and cover.
I did use it to cut about an acre of grass when I first got it, only about 4 times, at the most. I haven't used the mower deck, as the yard is just too large for this 30" deck. Rear discharge is nice in that you can get right up to an obstacle, on either side and the turning radius on these tractors is almost like turning on a dime! I kept the deck out of the elements as much as I could, perhaps for the next owner who'd like to restore it. It only needs little things like new wheels and rollers.
The snow blower attachment is a Massey Furgeson blower. Someone did weld the necessary mounting brackets to correctly mate the blower. Massey's in the day had an exact PTO which drove the system, identical to WH's. I've used this blower each winter, and it's done it's job triumphantly. It doesn't throw the snow as far as I'd like, but I've been able to do the job. The auger's fins are worn down and a bit beat up from blowing out my gravel driveway over the past 4 winters. Wet, packy snow doesn't blow too well out of it, but it will handle up to 10" of the fluffier, colder snow. My driveway is 120' long and 30' wide with a 30'x30' back-up turnaround. That's a LOT of snow it has blown. I've kept the blower in the garage 95% of the time, as with the tractor. Recent changes in my garage has forced the tractor and it's accessories outside.
The reason for selling this is I've acquired a bigger tractor with a LARGE 50" deck for mowing my now 3 acres of grass, which also comes with a 42" blower. I've given my father's spare mower back to him and I'm all done with landscaping. I want this to go to a good home before time and weather take it's toll on this great classic. If I had the time and space, I'd restore it, but I've got over 40 motorcycles to keep busy with. Feel free to MAKE AN OFFER.***This is a used tractor and I make no guarantees with it. It should provide decades of service with normal service and preventative maintenance and some tinkering here and there as needed. Some may need additional cleaning/polishing and even paint where necessary. Please ask questions and check with your own resources for part application/cross-reference before purchasing. Additional photos available upon request. ALL SALES FINAL!

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